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Pet N Pet 1080 Lavender-Scented Dog Poop Bags

Pet N Pet 1080 Lavender-Scented Dog Poop Bags

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About this item

  • 🤑[Get more for less] Stock up on PET N PET's paw-tastic 1080 counts of dog waste bags! With 60 rolls of 18 bags each at just 0.02 cents per count, you'll never have to worry about constantly restocking again.
  • 🌍[Leave waste worries behind] PET N PET doggie bags are 38% plant based & 62% PE. This gives you less to worry about during your walks with your pet buddy by eliminating 38% of the plastic.
  • 🐶[Your companion for any furry adventure] These bags are a must-have for any pet parent, no matter how big or small your fur baby is. They measure 9 x 13 inches with a flat bottom. Plus, they fit all standard leash dispensers for easy transport.
  • 🐾[Paws up for a sustainable alternative] Upgrade your pup game with our doggie bags - perfect for paw-rents who value responsible choices. Choosing them means you're contributing to an improved surrounding.
  • 💫[Grab, tear, go!] Pet N Pet's serrated sticker and tear perforation with an "open" arrow simplifies removing bags from the roll. Ideal for pet owners who need a fuss-free and convenient solution for their furry friend's waste. 

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Customer Reviews

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C. Smith
Good bulk box of bags for small/medium dogs

These bags are a cost-effective choice due to their sheer bulk quantity. They are convenient to open and place in the dispenser, with a perforated sticker that simplifies unrolling. However, I’ve observed two aspects that lead me to give them a four-star rating. Firstly, they are thinner compared to other bags we’ve used previously, although we haven’t experienced any breakage or tearing during cleanup. Secondly, the bags appear slightly shorter in length. As someone with large hands and long fingers, they don’t fully cover my hand. While I’ve adapted to this, initially, I found myself running out of protection when dealing with larger messes.

i like to fish and hunt
Easy to open, smell seeps through

Liked: easy to tear one bag from the next, easy to separate the bag opening to open the bagDisliked: smell does not stay contained in bag when properly tied closedOverall, they do the job, but I wish they kept the bad smell contained within the bag better

Kevin Cross
A Must for All Dog Walkers

We have been using these type bags for years. The individual rolls fit nicely into a dispenser attached to the handle on our dog's leash. These are the smallest size bags we have found and are just like the ones we see at dog parks. We have a miniature Dachshund so even a smaller size would work for us. The "eco green" theme is a somewhat dubious distinction as the bags are still 2/3 plastic but at least it is something. I know using plant material to make the bags compromises their overall strength but hopefully the technology will improve.Everyone who owns a dog needs to take responsibility for their waste. As plastic bags are becoming scarce, this is a great alternative to carrying a pooper scooper during your walks!

Mary Lou

I wonder how many of these bags I used to clean up after my dogs before I noticed the pin-sized holes in the bags? After that revelation, I had to check each bag before use, finding holes in about ‚Öì of them. It's no savings if the bags have to be doubled up. I won't be buying this brand again.

Laura T
good bags and better for the environment

very good dog poop bags however I recently read that it can take years for these bags to decompose and that the conditions must be just right. better option that the other bags that are not designed this way but not sure if using them really makes a huge difference, unfortunately.