• Plant-Based Material

    Transform your cleanup routine with USDA-certified bags designed to combat plastic waste.

  • Leak Proof

    Our upgraded poop bags are leak-proof for hassle-free late-night walks and beyond!

  • Durable

    Top-notch materials,- our poop bags redefine convenience in picking up dog waste!

  • Scented & Unscented

    Upgrade your cleanup with our scented and unscented poopbags for a fresher stroll!

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Why PET N PET Poop Bags?

We have been committed to producing heavy-duty bags with a strong focus on sustainability. 

Be More Sustainable with Pet N Pet

Pet N Pet is dedicated to making a positive difference in the world by prioritizing the well being of our surroundings. We are continuously exploring ways to improve our products and minimize their impact on the environment.

Currently,We offer quality poop bags that are designed with sustainability, providing choices for responsible pet owners. We are committed to further enhancing our products by using alternative materials and reducing our reliance on conventional ones.

By aligning ourselves with the growing movement towards sustainability and mindful consumption, Pet N Pet demonstrates our commitment to ethical and responsible business practices. Together, we can work towards creating a better future for our environment and communities. 

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