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Get Your Home Ready for Your New Furry Friend: Tips for Preparing Your Space

When it comes to bringing a new pet home, preparation is key. Whether you’ve adopted a puppy or an older dog, there are some vital steps that you should take before opening your door to your newest family member.


  1. Make sure all poisonous and dangerous items are out of reach: Even the most well-behaved pets can be curious about new items, so it’s important to make sure all poisonous plants, cleaning supplies and medications are far out of reach from your pet.


  1. Set up an area for feeding and water: Establish a designated spot in your home where food and water will be located. Place their dishes on the floor or on a raised stand, and make sure it’s easily accessible so that your pet can eat and drink comfortably.


  1. Provide a comfortable place to rest: Your pet will need a cozy spot where they can sleep and relax. Invest in a sturdy bed with an elevated surface, or purchase blankets to line their crate or kennel.


  1. Give them a safe space to roam: If you’re bringing a small pet home, like a hamster or rabbit, make sure they have plenty of room to run around and explore their environment. Set up an enclosure in your house that’s large enough for them to move around while also keeping them secure.


  1. Establish a routine: All pets need structure and consistency, so it’s important to establish routines for feeding, exercise, and playtime right away. This will help your pet adjust to their new home quickly and easily.


  1. Make sure they have plenty of toys: All pets need something to keep them entertained, so make sure you have a few toys on hand that they can play with. If you’re bringing home a larger pet, like a dog or cat, look for chew toys and puzzles that will stimulate their mind and keep them active.
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