PET N PET Extra Heavy Duty Cat Litter Box Liners,Anti-Microbial, Jumbo Size, 2 Packs 14-Counts

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PET N PET Cat Litter Liners

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We aim to help our customers make cleaning easier! Our liner is very easy to use, just pull, close and toss. Anti-Microbial ensures a hygienic environment to your cat. 60 μm plastic Extra heavy duty, tear-resistant make sure the liner strong enough from tearing holes by your cat. Thick plastic that prevents odor-causing waste from sticking to the sides and bottom of the litter box. Our unique neatly folded packing ensures to take out easily !


  • 7 Pcs unique neatly folded in a box
  • 14 Counts 2 Packs



  • Large size 34"*18", fit most litter box