PET N PET 360 Counts Dog Poop Bags Doggie Waste Bags Unscented ( 24 Refill Rolls )

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Product Description

Find everything you need from poop bags in PET N PET

PET N PET helps picking up poop easier 

Why choosing PET N PET ? 

You can get all you wanted from poop bags in PET N PET

  • Thick plastic, heavy duty and never leak.
  • Unscented, allergy free, good for sensitive nose.
  • Large size:  9”* 13”are made big enough for even the largest of dogs.
  • Anti-Microbial:  We add anti-microbial addictive to our bags,more hygienic picking up dog poop.


PET N PET 360 Green refill poop bags


  •  15 bags per roll, 24 rolls per box 360 Counts
  • This bulk box is perfect for busy pet owners or dog walkers on the go who always seem to be running out of bags. It can even be a great starter kit for the new pet owner.


About this bag


  • 9 x 13 inches, providing plenty of room for reversing the bag over your hand.
  • For added convenience, an "OPEN HERE" circle at the top of each bag makes it easy to find which end to open.


Three steps to pick up poop