PET N PET 200 Counts Unscented Tie Handle Dog Waste Bags Poop Bags Poo Bags

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Product Description

PET N PET helps picking up poop easier 

Why choosing PET N PET ? 

You can get all you wanted from poop bags in PET N PET

  • Thick plastic, heavy duty and never leak.
  • Unscented, allergy free, good for sensitive nose.
  • Large size:  8'*15”are made big enough for even the largest of dogs.
  • Extra long handle, easy to tie and toss.
  • Anti-Microbial:  We add anti-microbial addictive to our bags,more hygienic picking up dog poop.


About this box


PET N PET Easy-tie Handle Bags include 200  individual unscented bags that dispense directly from the back of the box!
These bags open larger than our standard bags to accommodate larger sized poops as well as most cat litter scoops and have convenient handles, for easy-tying! 




  • Extra-wide opening due to handles
  • Extra long size : 8"*15" ,good for even large dogs
  • Unscented for the allergies or sensitive noses


Three steps to pick up poop